Better Late Than Never~


This is BeatSherlock coming at you fresh after AX/AM2 weekend. Using this to rev us up to RED LINE!
Got a chance to experience Scandal,  Hatsune Miku and more . . .on that to come. . . For now keep a lookout for our upcoming podcast on the Majisuka Gakuen 2 finale!

Last but not least……a belated but super huge


Happy Belated Birthday to Itano Tomomi~!

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WTF Google?

Seriously! Shit’s scaring me man!


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AKB48 Ranker

I came across this site on a post about which girls you rank higher than others on an AKB48 fan forum. I decided to check it out and give it a try. You can check it out the AKB Ranker for yourself at

The HTML code isn’t optimal to post so I made some screencaps and put it together into one giant JPEG after the break.

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All Hail the Queen

Maeda Atsuko and her crown


Maeda Atsuko returns to her throne at #1 in the 2011 Senbatsu Elections.

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How I Spent Valentine’s Day

Photo of computer monitor on Valentine's Day

Valentine Kisses

Using Aero Snap, I have on the left: New School Kaidan’s eternal loop of the Valentine Kiss PV and on the right: A video of Valentine Kiss begin sung by Watarirouka Hashiritai and Kokusho Sayuri (the original singer of the song).

Hell yes.

Wow, I wrote like… 2 posts worth of stuff about Valentine’s Day and idol fandom but I deleted all of it. Granted, it kind of sucked. So this is all you get. Chocolate factory slave labor. Just the way I like my women.

Oh yeah, I spent the day on Skype with friends and finished the adventure mode in Magicka.

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A Closet Wota Saga

What is Closet Wota all about? What is a closet wota? What is a wota anyway? No, it’s not a white otaku! (Oh jeez, another term to define) Wota is honestly just a shortening of the word “otaku” (yes, not by much) but instead of ‘o’, it is replaced with ‘wo’. In Japanese, and in this context, they are interchangeable and are pronounced the same. This blog is catering to an American-English-reading audience, but there may be some Japanese-y things here and there.

First and foremost, I am a weaboo. (A Japanophile) I must admit it because I have truly invested much of my resources in studying the culture of Japan. Not just Anime to be honest (which is just Japanese for cartoons… really) but also in learning about traditional practices, the conversational language, and the day-to-day lives of the Japanese. I’m no expert, but I can sure as hell pretend to be one to impress my friends (or to show how much of a loser I am).

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10 Day 10 Post Challenge

I’ve been really bad at getting this blog up, so I am going to attempt challenging myself in order to get myself really started. I have some great ideas for posts, (I swear!) I’m just super lazy. I am going to take a chunk of 10 days and attempt to make 1 post each day, resulting in 10 posts throughout 10 days. Sounds easy enough, but I am not going to allow myself to post vapid content or merely news updates. These posts need to be something that I’ve been dying to discuss for the past… well, couple years maybe, since I haven’t blogged about my weaboo activities in what feels like forever.

I take inspiration for this challenge from Timothy Ferris, of the 4 Hour Work Week blog. He makes a post about Real Mind Control: The 21-Day No Complaint Experiment. He attempts to prevent himself from complaining for 21 days straight in order to create a more positive and productive atmosphere. Since it seems like a good idea, I decided to test the waters with this 10 day challenge in order to be productive.

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